Oral Health In
The Classroom



I. Outcomes Overview 3-5:

Below is an overview of the New Brunswick Department of Education Health Education Curriculum outcomes derived from the Health Education Curriculum, Personal Wellness, Grades 3-5 (2016). This Dental Days unit aims to apply the outcomes to oral health (see examples in square brackets).

The program contained in this document is intended to meet the Personal Wellness overarching objective: “to enable students to make well-informed, healthy choices and to develop behaviours that contribute to the well-being of themselves and others, and plan for the future”, specifically focusing on the General Curriculum Outcome (GCO) 1: Students will make responsible and informed choices to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A) Grade 3 Specific Curriculum Outcomes

1.1) “recognize the importance of healthy eating and regular physical activity for a healthy lifestyle” [i.e. healthy eating, food labels,
and their effect on emerging adult teeth].

1.2) “describe personal habits that contribute to improved health” [i.e. oral health and dental care: brushing and flossing regularly
help prevent cavities].

1.5) “distinguish between helpful and harmful substances and their effects on health” [i.e. the effects of sugary foods and tobacco on
oral health].

1.6) “describe behaviours and procedures that contribute to personal safety. [What to do if an oral emergency occurs].

B) Grade 4 Specific Curriculum Outcomes

1.1) “examine the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity for a healthy lifestyle.” [i.e. healthy food choices, understanding food
labels, benefits of healthy eating on teeth and overall oral health]

1.4) “identify personal hygiene practices related to puberty and well-being” [i.e. forming healthy oral health habits for teeth and

1.5) “describes strategies to avoid the use of harmful substances” [i.e. the adverse effects of tobacco and energy drinks on oral

1.6) “evaluate ways of minimizing risks in potentially dangerous situations” [what do do if an oral emergency occurs during outdoor

C) Grade 5 Specific Curriculum Outcomes

1.1) “assess personal health habits and their relationship to wellness” [i.e. tooth-decaying bacteria and the effects of healthy eating].

1.4) “explain the importance of personal hygiene practices related to puberty” [i.e. brushing and flossing regularly for good
oral health].

1.5) “discuss the factors that may influence decision-making” [i.e. oral health products in media].


Module One:
Three Generations of Teeth

Module Two:
Understanding Labels & Hidden Sugars

Module Three:
Buyer Beware

Module Four:
Mouth & Dental Emergency Response

Module Five:
Prepare Now or Pay Later

Powerpoint Files

Teeth to Treasure